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Reach 5.6 million Malaysians on our English network

The results are in and Malaysia has spoken!


The results are in and Malaysia has spoken! During our recent Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) Survey, our English stations (HITZ, MIX and LITE) have achieved a collective reach of 5.6 million listeners per week, the highest listenership we’ve ever received thus far. Even with the rise of music streaming sites and applications, radio still proves to be a medium that is widely consumed by the masses.

This is largely because radio and its announcers, are able to create a sense of community and belonging among listeners. Yes, music is a large part of radio. But the thing that listeners get on the radio which they cannot get on radio streaming sites are content and stories that engage with them on a personal level.

Through Astro Radio’s 3 English stations, we are able to cater to the needs of different audiences within the English-speaking segment. Here are some examples of what we have done to keep our audience engaged and interested in what we do:

developing content that resonates with our malay audience
Target demographic
  • 10 – 29 year olds
  • High school and college students
  • Interested in pop culture
  • Always up to date on the latest and coolest trends
Content premise
  • Money Can’t Buy Experiences – Access to the Stars
  • Shawn Mendes Meet & Greet Passes
    • On-air contest where 2 callers battle it out to prove they’re the biggest Shawn Mendes fan by answering questions. The caller who answers the fastest with the most correct answers wins a pass to Meet & Greet him.
  • Biggest Gotcha with Why Don’t We
    • Worked with Warner Music Malaysia to surprise fans who think they’ve come to the set location for a fan meet, but instead get surprised with Why Don’t We appearing at the location.
Why it resonates?
  • It’s not every day that fans get the opportunity to meet their idols – HITZ is able to provide that.

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developing content that resonates with our malay audience
Target demographic
  • 25 – 39 year olds
  • Working adults with young families
  • Still interested in pop culture and current news
  • Concerned about maintaining a balanced lifestyle
Content premise
  • 3x the Fun!
  • MIX Wife Race
    • Held at Desa Park City, MIX Wife Race was Malaysia's very first adaptation of Finland's annual Wife Carrying Race to enforce camaraderie between married couples, and between announcers and their listeners.
Why it resonates?
  • MIX's listeners demographic is 25-39 years old, most of whom are married (some newlyweds) so it caught their attention and they were really interested to take part in the competition.
  • • It was something fun and out of the ordinary that they could do with their spouse.
developing content that resonates with our malay audience
Target demographic
  • 35 – 49 year olds
  • Mature professionals
  • Interested in current affairs
  • Concerned about lifestyle and health
Content premise
  • Real People, Real Lives, Real Conversations
  • Shaz’s Breast Cancer Fight Club
    • Interviewed Breast Cancer Survivors about their experience
    • Hosted an event where we invited family members of the survivors to share how breast cancer has affected their family’s lifestyle.
Why it resonates?
  • This is an important topic to cover as Breast Cancer is common among Malaysian women.
  • LITE audiences could relate to it as they would either know someone who has fought breast cancer or fought breast cancer themselves.

Over the years, we’ve come to realise that the power of radio comes from the connections we make and the communities we build with our fanbase. It may be through meeting your favourite artist or meeting other people who are going through similar experiences. Whatever it may be, we create content and stories that people enjoy and show them that we all have shared experiences. And that is why people keep coming back to listen to our radio stations.

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