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SYOK wins in Radioinfo Asia Podcast Awards 2023






01 September 2023

SYOK wins in Radioinfo Asia Podcast Awards 2023

‘Life Confession’ and ‘Sembang Atas Dulang’, two local podcasts produced by SYOK were awarded Podcast of the Year: Major Winners for ‘Best Health and Wellness Podcast’ and ‘Best Society and Wellness Podcast’ categories, respectively by the Radioinfo Asia Podcast Awards.

‘Life Confession’, hosted by Dr Reza Abraham, an award-winning leadership consultant and book author, secured the top spot in the ‘Best Health and Wellness Podcast’ category. The podcast brings true and inspirational stories, detailing the peaks and troughs of sharings from prominent Malaysian leaders and industry giants including Marina Mahathir, activist; Vivy Yusof, blogger turned fashion entrepreneur who was inducted in The Business of Fashion 500; Yuna, talented singer and songwriter; Kenny Ong, Chief Executive Officer of Astro Radio; Douglas Lim, comedian and more.

Meanwhile, ‘Sembang Atas Dulang’, led by Ceddy Ang, an avid food blogger triumphed in the ‘Best Society and Wellness Podcast’ category. The podcast features insightful discussions on music, films, social media trends, lifestyle and fitness, in a casual sharing while indulging in delicious Malaysian dishes, from local celebrities as well as social media personalities including Angel and Sabronzo (Dolla)MeernashElyshla AbegailAmir AhnafFazziq Muqris and more.

Additionally, all Malaysians can continue to vote for ‘Life Confession’ and ‘Sembang Atas Dulang’, two award-winning podcasts in the ‘People’s Choice Podcast of the Year’ category, till 1 September 2023 via the Radioinfo Asia website. The winner for this category will be announced live on stage, on 6 September, at the Radiodays Asia 2023 awards ceremony.

The Radioinfo Asia Podcast Awards recognises the most outstanding individuals, teams and organisations working within the podcasting from across the Asian media and marketing landscape. There are 21 categories, which will be judged by both leaders and rising stars in the world of podcasts, alongside Radioinfo’s panel of international senior editors.


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