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Stream local Tamil paranormal podcast ‘Pei Diary’ Season 4 now on SYOK




25 April 2023

Stream local Tamil paranormal podcast ‘Pei Diary’ Season 4 now on SYOK

Stream via the SYOK app or RAAGA website

Malaysians can now stream season 4 of ‘Pei Diary’, popular local Tamil paranormal and supernatural podcast series, on the SYOK app or website, and RAAGA website.

Season 4 will present 10 mystical episodes presented by local talent, Lingkesvaran Maniam sharing actual paranormal encounters he personally experienced. Fans can stream the first four episodes of ‘Pei Diary’ season 4 now.

Fans can enjoy a captivating narration of these experiences by Lingkesvaran, who is a local paranormal investigator, TV presenter, anchor, actor, social activist and also SYOK Anugerah Podcast 2022 award winner.

Stream new episodes of ‘Pei Diary’ season 4 every Thursday on the SYOK app or RAAGA website.

Episode 1: The Bomoh

Lingkesvaran shares his conversation with a shaman (bomoh) who captured lost souls and manipulated them to assist with witchcraft.

Stream now on the SYOK app or on raaga.my

Episode 2: The Ghost of The Father

A family experienced multiple paranormal encounters following the death of the father. The newborn began to cry and laugh on its own as if someone was playing with him. When his sister went to check on what was happening, what she saw shocked everyone.

Stream now on the SYOK app or on raaga.my

Episode 3: Jar of The Undead

A development project was on-going in an abandoned cemetery at the outskirts of Yan, Kedah. During this time many buried items including several pots and jars with lids sealed with a red cloth were dug out by the construction workers. Paranormal events started taking place when a group of trespassing kids broke the jar and took the contents home.

Stream now on the SYOK app or on raaga.my

Episode 4: The Toyol Trap

A couple who started their small business realized that their cash started to go missing mysteriously and they often experienced strange disturbances at home. Things started to get serious when the couple's child told them that she saw a strange creature staring at her in her room. The frightened couple resorted to a ritual to trap what's behind the strange occurrences.  

Stream now on the SYOK app or on raaga.my

Episode 5: Calling The Dead

An unexpected death of a mother tormented her children who couldn't move on with the guilt of leaving her alone and wanted to seek her forgiveness. Guided by an amateur medium to contact their mother the family unknowingly invites an unwelcomed guest into their homes.

Stream on the SYOK app or on raaga.my from 27 April 2023

Episode 6: Horoscope & Tattoos

Jane who got her fortune read was advised to get a special tattoo over her spinal cord to get all her problems solved. After a week of tattooing Jane began to experience mystical events.

Stream on the SYOK app or on raaga.my from 4 May 2023

Episode 7: Santau: A Haunting Experience

A local female celebrity shared her experience having disturbing dreams, and inability of the doctor to diagnose her illness although she was having loss of appetite and vomiting. She also started seeing shadows and dark figures, which she believed were the result of santau magic.

Stream on the SYOK app or on raaga.my from 11 May 2023

Episode 8: Lotus Birth

The practice of leaving the umbilical cord to fall off by itself after birth is known as lotus birth. It is said to be essential to dispose the dried umbilical cord properly. A mother from a village located at Perlis lost a bag consisting of umbilical cords of her children which led to nightmares, family issues, and financial crises. She claimed that her relative used the umbilical cords for black magic which caused a dark entity to crawl over her children while they slept.

Stream on the SYOK app or on raaga.my from 18 May 2023

Episode 9: The Haunting Spirits

Employees of an international company stayed in a three-story building in Klang Valley which was rented by their employer in early 90s. They experienced unusual and uncomfortable incidents such as feeling insecure, hearing unpleasant sounds and smells, and encountered paranormal activities. It was believed that the haunting spirits resided in that building.

Stream on the SYOK app or on raaga.my from 25 May 2023

Episode 10: The Jinn’s Curse

It was believed that a treasure belonging to a royal family from Indonesia buried in an undisclosed local location is safeguarded by a Jinn which still waits for them to claim it. People who visited that place claim seeing a one-eyed large entity. They have also experienced strange occurrences, hysteria, mental illness, and more.

Stream on the SYOK app or on raaga.my from 1 June 2023

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