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Lite FM introduces the new Lite Breakfast with Asha and Terry




03 January 2023

Lite FM introduces the new Lite Breakfast with Asha and Terry

Every Monday - Friday, 6am - 10am

Malaysians can now enjoy lively and insightful sharings on The Lite Breakfast with new addition, Terry, a familiar household name on radio who joins popular energetic host, Asha, every weekday mornings, from now at 6am till 10am on Lite FM. Fans can also stream new The Lite Breakfast with Asha and Terry on the SYOK app.

Fans can enjoy the following new segments on The Lite Breakfast, including:

  • Fun-nance, every week, where Asha and Terry speak with Reggie Koh, host of the finance podcast The Financial Coconut, who will share insights, tips and useful information in a fun way, about finance.
  • What’s Your Problem?, every week, where Asha and Terry will offer their two cents and expert advice for any problems that listeners might have.
  • Life Hacks, every week, where Asha and Terry share super simple tips and tricks for making life just a little bit easier.
  • Remember the Time, every Wednesday, where fans can share their memorable moments and stories with Asha and Terry.
  • Jukebox Hour, every Friday, where fans can take control of the music playlist and share their favourite songs with announcers to be played on Lite FM.
  • Just Cause It’s Friday, every Friday, where Asha and Terry will cheer on fans with fun and exciting games.

For more information on The Lite Breakfast with Asha and Terry, visit Lite FM website or follow social media platforms.

Quote from Soraya Kee, Content Manager, Lite FM

“We are excited to welcome Terry to Lite FM and invite all fans to enjoy and interact with the familiar voices of Asha and Terry, now as a duo on ‘The Lite Breakfast’. We hope fans enjoy the new, fun and engaging segments and we thank all listeners for their continuous support."

Announcer Profiles

• About Asha Gill (Instagram: @therealashagill)

Asha Gill is a television host, model, actress, producer, activist and radio announcer who has spent over 25 years in the media industry. Behind the scenes, she played a major role in directing, scriptwriting and producing. Well-known for her unique character and quirky interview style, through her own various shows, she has interviewed the likes of the Bee Gees, Lenny Kravitz, Travis and Britney Spears. In addition, she is a certified life coach and hypnotherapist, with her own private practice.

• About Terry Ong (Instagram: @terryhasissues)

Terry Ong is a motor-mouthed wise-cracking personality with over 18 years experience as a radio announcer. Over his career Terry has emceed more than 700 events, hosted TV and web shows, also been a commercial talent. He will pretty much do anything at least once. Being of Portuguese-Indian-Chinese descent he simply calls himself Malaysian because Portu-chin-dian requires way too much effort.

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