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All Malaysians can now cast their votes for ‘Anugerah Podcast SYOK 2023’





08 November 2023

All Malaysians can now cast their votes for ‘Anugerah Podcast SYOK 2023’

Vote for your favourite podcasts on the SYOK website

In conjunction with the 'Anugerah Podcast SYOK 2023', all Malaysians are invited to vote for their favourite podcasts from now till 4 December 2023, on the SYOK website.

Fans can choose from their favourite podcasts in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil, across four categories:

  • SYOK Podcast Of The Year
  • SYOK Favourite Episode Podcast
  • SYOK Favourite Radio Podcast
  • SYOK Favourite Celebrity Podcast

The nominees were shortlisted based on authenticity, uniqueness, storyline, number of listeners and other criteria stipulated during the nomination process. Winners for each category will be announced at the ‘Anugerah Podcast SYOK 2023’ awards night on 8 December 2023.

Additionally, podcasters can also submit their podcasts for SYOK The Best of Independent Podcast category, from now till 14 November 2023. Top 8 podcasts from this category will be shortlisted and open for public to vote from 17 November 2023 on the SYOK website. Winner will also be announced at the award night.

For more information, visit the SYOK website or download the free SYOK app.


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