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13 Jun 2017 11:04:37

Given the vast changes in consumption patterns and ever-evolving devices that connect to content, radio still reaches over 94% of the Malaysian population each and every week. To sum this up, radio works and it continues to see growth in its reach. In 2016, radio continues to thrive, engage and influence listeners purchasing decisions like never before.

At Astro Radio, we work hard to deliver innovative content-marketing solutions for our clients and their customers, we know that barrier-breaking big ideas mean better results for our clients, and a more stimulating experience for our listeners.

Our philosophy? Simple – do it differently and do it well. We believe a successful content marketing campaign will build and reinforce our clients’ brand, products and services which will drive a positive ROI weighed through increased sales. To achieve this, we create client campaigns that speak and engage our clients’ target audiences.

Over the years, we have created Lalang Chong, hitz fm’s very own football pundit well known for picking a winner by never picking anyone; gave iconic Malaysians buildings a voice on radio and then neon-ised them for the Mountain Dew Light Up campaign; we created a fugitive on the run and tasked listeners to capture him to win cash; ran a No Make Up day Instagram campaign, which started in Kuala Lumpur but went viral and saw participation from Hong Kong.

Combining the strength of our radio brands with the power and appeal of our station personalities, enables us to create targeted solutions that bundle our offerings using an integrated approach which includes TV, radio, social, digital and on-ground activation.

And that is why the Astro Radio team are a cut above. We unleash our creativity, and we take no notice of boundaries or limits. Our recent wins in various industry awards are testament to a shared vision between us and our advertisers to deliver content-marketing campaigns that go beyond the “norm” and capture the hearts and imagination of our clients and listeners alike.

create, disrupt, inspire

Source: Article as seen in Advertising + Marketing Magazine September 2016 issue


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