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We create something new every day with the guidance of extraordinary leaders who have been there themselves from day one!

Let me partake, the facts about Jake 20 years in astro. Now get him a cake! Started as a dj back in 96 Still hittin the decks cause that’s his fix Now CEO coz he's got flow His rhymes are big , like astro radio A scouser at heart , now that’s his team And making muscles bulge in the gym.

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Datuk Jake Abdullah

Chief Executive Officer

Growing up, I never knew I was going to be an accountant. In school, and being an Air Scout, every single person in the scout troop dreamt of being a pilot…a fighter jet that is. Then, I wanted to become an architect, as I loved playing and building with Legos. I also took up music, wanting to become a musician or play in a rock band. However, none of these really happened.

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Mark Heng

Chief Operating Officer

When I’m not at work – cooking consumes me (I consume a fair bit of it too), whether it’s in front of the stove or the telly watching my favourite food channel. The foodie in me saw me majoring in Hotel Management and working at international hotel chains in Singapore and Malaysia for a number of years interacting with and gaining insight from diverse groups of People.

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Ramesh Sankey

Chief Content Officer

Beyond’s ‘Wide Open Sky’ and ‘Surangani’ are Jeya’s favorite songs and these two songs are responsible for his foray into the radio industry. Where else can you break into a song without raising one or two eyebrows? His passion for music, his love for anything remotely fun and the dynamic nature of the radio business stirred something inside him like never before and fueled him up to be the Chief Commercial Officer of Astro Radio today.

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Jeyapuvan Somasundram

Chief Commercial Officer

Bala is a seasoned broadcast engineering professional with more than 20 years’ experience in planning, design, integration and implementation. He is a results-oriented professional with a proven track record of accomplishments. This can be attributed to his highly diverse engineering knowledge and a propensity to initiate positive change.

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Bala Murali Subramaney

Chief Technology Officer

Jayaram began his journey in Astro Radio at the age of 19 as a Project Leader at Malaysia’s Premier Teen Community, Xfresh.com. After which he went on to produce Malaysia’s “Most Digital” Radio show at the time – the hitz.fm Late Net Show. His stint as producer eventually evolved to taking a leadership role with hitz.fm.

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Jayaram Gopinath Nagaraj

General Manager, Blaze Digital

Hockey has always been my first love….who would have thought the discipline and strategic thinking behind the game would come in so handy in my work as a salesman. I began in sales 24 years ago and I remember walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur canvassing for sales. I started in NST back in 1993 and joined AMP (as it was called back then) in 1997 as a Sales Executive.

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Harminder Singh

General Manager Sales

Growing up I never imagined myself working in radio. My mum is a traditional house wife who believes in female being home looking after her families and my dad, a typical government servant who expects his meals prepared and generally work whenever required because someone is at home to manage it all. So she made me study TESL – Teaching English as A second Language , graduate and become a teacher. Her rationale - simple, come back home half day and look after your husband and children.

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Norfuziana Ahamed

General Manager Sales


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